At FeelGoodProject the mission is to educate and inspire those who want to achieve a more balanced, healthier and fulfilled life. As a Health Coach I believe that by making simple changes in your daily routine, and by knowing what is good for your body and mind, you can live your life at its full potential. Let me be your partner in your journey to become the best you can be! Today is your day!


"Life is busy.  Whether it is our job or family, we can easily put our own well being at the bottom of the list. This happened to me. When I realized I needed a change, I started with fad diets and quick fix solutions. None of these worked because none fit my lifestyle. Knowing I needed a long term solution, I reached out to Ana who listened intently to my concerns. She formulated a plan which not only changed the way I saw food, but one I could incorporate into my busy life without difficulty. She also made me see the value of caring for oneself first, not last. I never realized how much better we can run our lives when we feel good about our bodies and our mind. I am now happier and able to give more to those around me. Thank you, Ana, for all you have done!" Lillian C. Mother of 4. Phoenix, AZ


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